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Get the help needed to code amazing web applications with Elixir/Phoenix. Learn the skills necessary to build your ideas and start your business with confidence.

We Make It Easy

Learning development is rough, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own, grow faster by learning from somebody that already went through the hard parts and will not allow you to get stuck.

Real World

Let’s build production-ready web applications. Let’s go beyond just toy apps, buy building real-world startups, you will be in business as quick as possible.

Why the functional programming language Elixir?

It’s easy to write, easy to debug, and easy to scale. With a high degree of uptime availability and rock-solid reliable backends, Elixir was created with distributed, fault-tolerant systems in mind, concurrency is built at the core of the language, which makes it great for scalability. In functional programming everything is just a function, there are no complications, and you will be forced to follow paradigms that will make you write clean and maintainable code.

Why an online business in the software industry?

Get access to a worldwide range of customers, grab your laptop and work from anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection. Scale faster and easier with way less investment up front, than you would with any other regular business.

Why build it yourself?

Whether you want to switch careers, learn a new skill, or build your ideas, the best way to get results as a developer is by working on live web applications with users. We will help you to learn the most important concepts by building production-ready applications so you can develop your skills and accomplish whatever goals you have.


I had no clue what I was looking for or how I was going to get my startup off the ground, but after learning to code with Elixir, that gave me the knowledge needed to know what to look for and communicate better my ideas with the developers.


Emma Gomez

CEO, Founder

The demand for Elixir experts just going to keep growing, it allows us to scale and have peace of mind when maintaining the code, attracting great talent it’s no problem because is so easy to get them up to speed no matter your background.


Robert Larson


I was having a lot of trouble trying to understand other languages until I found out about Elixir, I felt right at home, it was way easier to learn, I was able to progress faster in my professional career, demand higher salaries, and be an expert quicker.


John Chen

Senior Software Developer
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